Individual Worlds

Boundless Rebelling Mind

We’re always so engrossed
In our own sweet little worlds.
A world of worlds around us,
Each so ignorant and cold.

Countless souls to contemplate,
And yet I know but one.
I lose myself, and still I can’t
escape myself, not once.

I drown in my indulgence
Till I look up and see
Someone with their own fears and joys,
Someone who isn’t me.

If I could hold the thought
that there’s thoughts that I don’t see…
If I could just perceive that lives
go on unknown to me…

If I looked up to find a world
So distant from my own,
And realized that they’d still be
If I did not look on…

“They’d never understand”, I think,
“The things I’m going through”;
Always fail to figure that
They think this of me too.

A mess of lives I’ve never met
Each as compound as mine.
The interactions, losses…

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