There is a fire escape in my heart,

A tiny little gateway,

In the wound you left.

The blood doesn’t reach there,

The rhythmic pumping

Is just a distant echo there.

It isn’t a gaping hole

That anyone can walk through,

It’s just a vacuum, a space

Untouched after you left.

Air passes through it and

Dust collects in the rough edges.

It cannot be mended.

I tried pulling the two ends together

To close the window,

To stitch them back.

But the thread didn’t hold out

And it ripped, sending shudders down my back.

My heart feels naked now,

Exposed and vulnerable.

Every time someone comes close,

Whispers in my ears or tries to touch me,

The words fall through the space,

And when someone holds my hand,

The rush is momentary,

For it slips out the gate before I know.

You made a fire escape in my heart,

And now the love runs out

And the alarms sound

Even when there isn’t an emergency.


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