Sometimes the weight of the world could be your balloon.

I know you feel too much and it hurts,

I know it kills you to see bad, that your heart is too small

For a world so large.

I know you care too much and that’s a choice you make,

I know you face the consequences quietly.

I know you are judged harshly for being what you are,

I know your sensitivity is perceived as your weakness.

But know this

It is your strength, the only thing that keeps you human

It will still kill, still hurt,

But my god know that you are not wrong,

It is only by feeling, by understanding that anything can ever be done,

Barriers broken and lives shifted.

It is what will lift you up, it is what will take you to the sky,

It is what will set you free.


This post was inspired by the image below, that i found here-



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