The clouds are broken today.

The cracks in the wall seem deeper than ever,

As I stare and stare at the yellowing plaster

Peeling off in the corners,

As I run my nails back and forth in the marble floor

Drowning myself in the menacing noise it makes,

I remember your gentle eyes

And your high-pitched laugh,

The pain in your soul

That you had learned to hide so well.

I remember the warm hugs

And the comfort of your arms.

I remember the bad days and the worse ones,

The days you were lower than I had ever known.

You showed me what rock bottom looked like,

And it wasn’t pretty.

It wasn’t a pit you could crawl out of.

It was a dark, dark place, with ugly raw wounds

And tears and unimaginable pain.

And now,

With the yellowing plaster

And the cracks in the walls

And the noise of my nails against marble,

For the first time,

I can see why you stayed there for so long.


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