Look at us all broken and twisted,

Going through trauma after trauma,

Running towards walls head-first

With brave smiles plastered onto our faces.

Let’s pretend nothing’s wrong,

Let’s smile at the mirror through tears that could make an ocean.

Look at that scratched-up reflection,

Staring straight into your eyes

With a defiance only you can match.

Look at those eyes, glazed with a transparent boundary,

Because of all that they have seen.

They are too young, too vulnerable

It is far too early for such hurt to shine in those eyes.

It is far too soon for denial to become a part of them.

But time seems to have moved fast for them,

And age caught up before youth could.

I search for hope in those eyes,

A tiny glimmer, a spark, a speck even.

I ask them if they see hope,

And they look into me and say-

‘Well, we’re looking for it too.”


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