And in the end,

If you rip off the façade,

The brands, the clothes, the make-up,

All that’s left is skin and bones.

In that, we’re all the same.

When you take all that away,

We truly become equal, free.

There isn’t much difference in you and me.

We want the same things-

Love and happiness,

It’s all we ever wish for.

If you break down all your birthday wishes,

You will find that you’ve been wishing for these things all along.

I see myself in your eyes, and you see yourself in mine,

Doesn’t that say something about us,

About how we are all just the same?

Fight it if you want to,

But don’t we all hang on to hope and belief to survive?

Don’t we all look to art to escape?

Don’t we all cry and break and hurt?

We’re not all that different, really,

And maybe that’s a good thing.


This post marks the end of the A Post A Day series for the month of May. I hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you for the support. Keep smiling 🙂


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