And I’m sitting here wondering,

Why the moon looks so beautiful,

On a night so ugly.

Where does she gather the strength

To look the way she does

Night after night,

Irrespective of the darkness around her.

I wonder why she stands there

Surrounded by darkness,

Insisting on bringing light

To a world where no one could care less.

She’s smiling like a Cheshire cat

Radiating stolen light,

So that the fear that darkness brings

Has something to be threatened by.

I see the slight spots on her shining face

And wonder if we were the ones that stained the moon.

And yet, there she is, still chaste, still pure,

For us who don’t even bother.

Who in the world has the right to say,

That unconditional love does not exist

When it is looking down on us every night,

While we lay lost in our sleep.


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