The music helped. It calmed her nerves. Her hands shivered uncontrollably as she slowly took a seat. Social situations were not her speciality. She always ended up a nervous wreck. She hadn’t wanted to meet all those people. She had been taken by surprise. And sometimes that just made matters worse. She had held it together for two hours but then she had to leave. Although they asked her to stay, although they meant no harm, she had to leave. Tears washed down her cheeks. She felt like she had ruined everything. She wasn’t like them, she knew. It was no surprise to her. She always struggled with socializing. She tried. She really did. But the negatives always seemed to overshadow the positives in this case. Initiating conversation was tough as it is, and then to hold a conversation with the stranger for long, it was too much. She was working on it. But it takes a while. Till then, the shivering had to be reduced, the tears had to be dealt with and time had to be respected. Till then, the music would help.


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