Some things never change. People change, they do. But situations, occurrences of the past, they remain and they stay. A fight that has occurred in the past will remain. The problem may be solved, happiness may be restored, but the fact is, a fight happened, and now it is stored in the pages of the past permanently.

Look at us. We’ve changed. So much. I don’t know you anymore. And you don’t know me. We knew different versions of each-other. But years have passed and we changed. We both know small parts of each-other now- bits and pieces, here and there, which survived the trials of time. But time took away so much of us and replaced it with different patched up pieces. And we don’t know that about each-other anymore.

We fought. That does not change. You hurt me, I hurt you. That does not change. But look at how we’ve grown. I still strongly maintain that it was for the better. Because look at us now, on individual paths of self-discovery that we weren’t allowing each other to tread earlier. We are growing. I can see that in you because I still know that small part of you. I don’t know if you see it in me, but it is happening.

And you know what else does not change? The fact that you are important to me, the fact that we had a great run, the fact that I still care for you. That does not change.


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