And that night, the stars spilled into our glasses, overflowing into our hearts. We were powerful beyond imagination. We had the world in our hands. The rivers flowed in the spaces between our intertwined fingers into our veins. It seemed like we were sprinting towards nothingness and the universe was sprinting with us. It was like everything was pooling their energy for us. We could do anything, we were unstoppable. Falling and failing didn’t scare us any more, fear was unknown, strange and unheard of. Everything from the flickering streetlights to the glowing fireflies, seemed to hum a melody just for us to hear. We were omnipotent and infallible. The night was ours and so was the world. If I could bottle up that night, I would keep it in a jar next to my pillow, so every night before I sleep, I could look at it and remember the power that was in me, in you and in this place we call home.


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