I see her there,

Settling herself into the uncomfortable train seat.

She sighs as she sets down her heavy bagpack,

And as she re-ties her hair, I notice her eyes.

They seem lost, defeated,

As though the spark in them had died out.

She takes a call, speaks to her family at home,

Finding comfort in their happiness.

I wonder how she would look happy,

I imagine her eyes crinkling with a smile

And the pretty contortion of her bright face.

She stares out the window now,

Seemingly lost in a fantasy,

Stuck in this ceaseless reality.

She whispers something to herself,

A private conversation for no one else to hear,

As though she is the only one left who would listen.

And although she is a stranger,

Someone I haven’t even spoken to,

I find myself wishing her well,

Hoping for her happiness and joy.

It’s funny how close strangers can become

If only you give them a second thought.


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