When our eyes met, it felt like fire,

Burning the world to the ground.

I fell so hard and so fast,

Drowning inside you,

Tripping over roots,

Scratching my arms on thorns,

Headfirst into the wildest waterfall there was.

Under the sparkling water,

With all the sounds fading out,

I stared deep into your soul,

Lost in its courage and pain.

Scrambling for air, I rise,

Running clumsily into a meadow,

Barefoot and scarred, I look behind for a moment,

Only to find myself the next moment,

Hanging precariously on a cliff.

It is there, as my nails dig into the mud and dirt,

Trying to pull myself up, I realize,

Your love is a wild adventure,

It’s just not mine to live.


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