You find yourself in an empty room,

The stained glass, dripping with faded stories.

After all you’ve done, all you’ve broken.

You stand there wondering what went wrong.

After the years of pain you inflicted,

You wonder why you’re all alone.

You think back to the time we were all there,

Standing by you, holding you up.

You drained us of our love,

Killed us with your words.

But we stayed, pulling ourselves together with hope.

You stand alone now, in a room reeking of resentment,

As we bang on the walls trying to get through.

But the commotion is silenced by your mind,

While your heart wonders what those distant sounds are.

I stand outside, waiting,

For you to realize what you’ve done.

The pain of your indifference,

Slicing the threads that hold us together.

I want to pull down those plastered walls,

Tear them down with the anger of our love,

To get to you before anyone else does,

Before anyone worse does.

But something tells me

You’re the one building the walls,

Holding the bricks together

With the adhesive of denial.

I imagine your eyes,

Pure and childlike,

And as I walk away with bruised hands

And a tear-stained soul,

I hope to god that you give yourself a chance to heal.


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