I used to wonder, if you rode a bike fast enough, if you went at the highest speed possible, would you just fly? After a certain point would you just launch off the ground, off of all the misery and loneliness, high up to the invincible sky? The sky was large and infinite and powerful. Surely it had space for us, for the ones who wanted to fly, for the ones who preferred floating in nothingness instead of walking on dirt and dust. But that’s not really how it works, is it? You can’t just launch from the ground into infinity. Even if you go as fast as you possibly could, you will just keep going, keep running. And when you go real fast, when you are speeding, you invariably feel the irresistible need to just stop, to hit the brakes and cease the madness immediately. But you can’t do that either. If you hit the brakes suddenly, no matter how protected you are, you will fall smack on your head. You will fall and crush and break. And god will it hurt. So slow down. Don’t stop, don’t let go. Just slow down, and gradually, at your own time, come back to life.


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