Another quiet day

Spent in hopes of happiness,

Another solitary ray,

Clouded with the dust of loneliness.


Another young boy

With dreams and ambitions crushed,

Another broken toy

Consigned to the basement to rust.


Another lovely young girl,

Inspecting her waist in the mirror,

Another pristine white pearl,

Purged from the sea out of fear.


Another strong man

Holding back his tears,

Another beautiful pumping organ

Done to death by red hot sears.


Another innocent maiden

Made to treasure her virginity,

Another bird with wings golden

Locked in the cages of courtesy.


Another enduring hierarchy

Created to replace primitive order,

Another feeling of extreme anarchy

Within the confining border.


Another hope lost, another soul dead,

Another empty wakefulness,

Another poem sadly read,

With eyes of woeful restlessness.







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