I hate that this happened to you,
I hate that you had to go through it alone.
I wish you had told me,
So I could’ve been there when he was gone.
I hate that you’ve learned to put up your walls,
To shield yourself from the hurt.
I wish you would pull them down for once,
So we could walk down those abandoned halls.
I hate that you’re hurt on the inside,
And unwilling to let it show.
I wish you would tell me how you felt
So I would have more about you to know.
I hate that you’ve changed so much,
And that I took so long to see that.
I wish I had seen it first,
So I could’ve saved you from that death trap.
But more than anything, I hate
The way you pretend to be alright.
Even though it’s far too late,
I think you’re fighting the wrong fight.


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