Breathe free. Be crazy. Be real. Be you. There’s nothing better. I love your smile. Especially the one in which I can see your gums and the gaps in your teeth. I love that your eyes get crinkly and happy creases form around them. Jump real high. Reach for the sky. I won’t stop you. I’ll watch you smiling. Go ahead, get rid of your tough exterior. Show me who you are. Real, true, rare. I won’t judge you. You don’t have to be what they tell you to be. You’re a bird. You’re a hurricane. You’re the whole damn sky. Let me see you when you’re happy. I’ll dance to your rhythm. Let me see you when you’re sad. I’ll give you warmth. Don’t be afraid. Laugh. Lose yourself in what you love. Hope. Love. Don’t stop. You can do this. You’ve got this. You’re enough and more. You don’t have to make someone happy by being a copy, a version. You are you. Be weird. You’re so much. You mean so much. Your smile will make someone smile. Your laugh will let someone erupt in giggles. You make a difference. So know that you’re great. And you’re loved. And you may not have had the best day but my god there’s going to be so many great days ahead. And you have to keep going for that. You’ve got to keep going. So don’t stop. Breathe free.


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