We, you and I and everyone else, have too many secrets. Too many things we don’t say because we’re too afraid of the implications, because we fear the unknown, or simply because we cannot say them. Sometimes we cannot speak what we feel. Not everything can be put together into coherent sentences so as to make people realize that maybe we have common feelings. In respect of some feelings, we may never know if we alone feel them or there are others in the same boat as us. Maybe that’s why we are so lonely, so insecure. Because we cannot express ourselves sometimes. These deep feelings, they cannot be spoken, they can only be noticed. In a fleeting moment, we can maybe catch a change in someone’s eyes, a slight nod, a warm tear blinked away in embarrassment, an uncertain smile to hide a certain pain. I wonder how many times, in such fleeting moments, I have missed these tiny shifts in a person. How many times have I not seen something pass on someone’s face on the mention of a word, a phrase, a person. How many times has someone tried to tell me something, and I, thinking I’ve understood them, have missed the point entirely? How many times have I let these moments just pass by me without giving a single thought to the complexity of someone else’s feelings? And more than anything, I wonder, how many more such moments will go unnoticed by me?


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