We’re All A Little Broken

The SisterWives


“I love all of you

Hurt by the cold.

So hard and lonely too

When you don’t know yourself.”

-Red Hot Chili Peppers, My Friends

This is for the broken.

The hurting.

The ones who walk through life in spite of it. The ones who are just trying to make it to tomorrow.

This is for all of us. Because we’re all a little bit broken.

Everybody’s got something. None of us make it through the years without being tossed around by life. We’re banged up and bruised and some of us are still bloody.

But we’re still here.

And that’s something.

And I want you to know something. I see you. Beneath the face you project, beneath the hollow laughter, beneath the wan smile. I see you.

I see you struggling. I hear the anguish in your voice and in your words. I know you look around and you…

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