What do you do if a person you love is hurt? Physically, mentally or emotionally, pain is pain. What do you do if you see someone you love in pain? You make every effort you possibly can to make it better. You try to help. And you spend the rest of the time trying to understand why you couldn’t save this from happening to your loved one. Why couldn’t you do anything to prevent this?
In an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, a mother asks a doctor how she could keep her son safe. How could she save him from all the bad things out there? And I couldn’t help but wonder how relevant that question is. What an absolutely important question. But a question needs an answer. They are inseparable. One cannot work without the other.
So here’s my answer- nothing. We can do nothing. That is a fact. But we still try because we are humans and we believe and hope for the best, always. So we try. We put side-wheels on bicycles, we put airbags in cars, we put oxygen masks in airplanes, we use helmets, we use seat-belts, we use knee caps and god knows what else. But the fact remains. We all fall. Despite all this protective gear, we fall and we hurt ourselves. We see our loved ones fall and get hurt and there is nothing we can do about it. There’s all sorts of terrible stuff out there. Earthquakes take place, houses catch fire, people get into freak accidents and a whole bunch of other terrifying stuff happens. These things scare me. These things scare us. And they probably will continue scaring us. There is a really good chance that these absolutely terrifying possibilities will fill the recesses of my mind forever. But the truth is that we cannot control these things. We try. We do our best. But beyond that, there really is nothing we can do to prevent these things from happening.
But maybe we need to realize that just like questions and answers work together, so do problems and solutions. There are terrible possibilities out there but there are also people out there who help others get through such disasters. There are doctors and therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, friends and family. So yes you will fall off your bicycle and hurt yourself but there is someone who will pick you up, wash your wound and apply a band-aid on it. Maybe we need to be the band-aid and not the helmet.


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