HOW TO : deal with annoying baby-kids

All of us have (at least once) been in a situation where we have been stuck with an annoying kid at a family dinner. “Aww look it’s didi! You remember her, right? Oh baby you had met didi at that function over at that aunty’s house! Yes yes the one in which you had sung that nursery rhyme for that uncle! Yaa. So go go play with didi! Tell her all your friends’ names and your school song and all the- details- of your- baby- life- that- she- does- not- want- to- know.” And you’re done for, dear freak. Now you have to spend the rest of the evening taking orders from a two-year-old. Good for you!
But just in case you might want to get out of this situation without any trouble, here are a few tips to deal with Those Annoying Baby- Kids :-
1. Accept- Don’t try to fight the situation. Accept the fact that you are stuck with this baby-kid for the next few hours. Don’t be in denial. You can do this.
2. Self-entertainment-Baby- kids have a marvelous way of entertaining themselves. But they need a few implements for that. So set them up with paper and crayons or building blocks or a Barbie doll. They might just spend their time too caught up with these exciting things to even notice you texting on your phone.
3. Technology- So let’s be clear. Almost all baby-kids are born with an I-pad. They know how to operate these things although you don’t. Most of them bring along their fancy technology. If they don’t, just give them your mom’s phone so that they can play Temple Run. Or let them play a video game that you secretly play although you say you don’t.
4. Your Phone, Your Pocket- Baby-kids ALWAYS want YOUR phone. God knows why. Again accept the fact, no questions asked. Keep your phone in your pocket. That phone could be your savior! When the baby-kid is busy with paper and crayons, you obviously have to text your friend and tell her the situation asap(you also have to click a super-cute selfie with this annoying baby-kid, I mean so what if he’s annoying, extra points for a baby selfie).
5. Food- Food is your best friend. Baby-kids love food. And so do you. So make sure that all the starters your mom has spent the entire day making reach your room in sufficient quantities. When you give a baby-kid food, he is happy. Feed him and he will hug you tight and make you feel wanted (although your boyfriend broke up with you and life is SO hard, this kid loves you for who you are- a freakishly large person who is providing him with nourishment that is actually tasty).

So that’s all I have for you in this list. If by any chance/miracle, you have a quiet kid with you (god bless those little angels), send up a prayer and praise the lord, dear freak. But who am I kidding, that never happens. All kids are annoying at some point. So we can take all the tips we want, we still have to deal with this situation at every family gathering.


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