If you watch Grace’s videos on Youtube, you already know that she is a hilarious human being. The fact that she’s written a book is a bonus for her audience. Bored of classics, tiring pretentious language and all those books which require you to keep a dictionary at the ready? Go ahead and read Grace’s Guide Book. This book is bound to make you laugh and if you are hard to impress, at the least it will make you smile. Grace’s Guide Book is a funny and true to god guide to being an ‘adult’. It explains how you can perform all the supposedly adult activities in a hilarious way, whether it is socializing, decorating you home or appearing for a job interview.

The book, more than anything else, is real. No flowery language, no frills. Just a genuinely funny take on life. Throughout the time I was reading the book, all I could think was- ‘god this is so Grace!’. The book conveniently shows Grace Helbig’s appealing awkwardness and her weird outlook towards adulthood. It is perfect for a young adult or anyone on the verge of entering the phase of adulthood when you are supposed to be ‘responsible’ and ‘mature’. Grace’s book proves to us that you don’t have to grow old to be an adult.

The photography is great and the quirky pictures make the read even more interesting. The format may seem just a wee bit repetitive but it hardly matters since the book provides more than a few good laughs. The best part is, a non-reader could enjoy this book. You can randomly pick a page to read through or you could read it start-to-end, as clearly stated in the introduction.  All in all, Grace’s Guide Book is a great read and totally worth your time. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to keep this book handy when I’m an adult.


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