Precarious Phoenix

Cheekbones so sharp,they can cut through diamond

The sun hits his face at all the right angles.

As she falls into the spell of lush green eyes

Her hand in his golden hair entangles.

Beauty like she had never witnessed before

Innocence framing his pale face.

Not being able to identify the sin laying underneath,

Her heart beats at a faster pace.

A victim.

A prey.

A target to the Satan.

Fall into his green eyes she did,

But also into a dark pit of endless insanity

To all the worlds mirth,goodbye she bid.

His golden hair turned Raven dark

His sharp cheekbones were slashing through her heart

Those green eyes were black emotionless pits.

She was frozen,broken,stolen of her joyful parts.

Her soul was damned and tainted

Hope was lost

Her twisted fate would never straighten.

She kept fighting a lost battle.

A prisoner she was,

Since she unleashed…

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