She giggled and he looked away.

His eyes filled with tears that didn’t have the freedom to fall.

She was a pretty girl, lovely really.

He just wanted to tell her she looked nice that day

That her hair looked beautiful

That her eyes sparkled when she laughed

That her smile was completely imperfect

But my god it was radiant

That when she spoke, her voice sent shivers down his spine

Unfortunately his words shivered too.

And she had no time for stammers

No, her very behavior demanded confidence.

And that was the one thing he could never give her

Because how could a stutter be worth a strong voice?

How could a weak note be worth a song?

How could a breeze be worth a storm?

But what he knew for sure was

That a skipped heartbeat was worthy of love

A good intention was worthy of praise

And words, smooth or not,

Are worthy of being heard.


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