10. The Backward Words Challenge- Do watch Tyler Oakley and Sawyer Hartman’s Drunk Collab in which they take on this challenge.

9. 2 Truths And A Lie Challenge

8. What’s In My Mouth/Hand/ On My Face Challenge

7. Impersonating Youtubers- Watch Superwoman take on this challenge and impersonate Miranda Sings.

6. Truth Or Dare

5. 7 Second Challenge- Watch MIranda and Zoella take on this challenge.

4. Not My Hands Challenge- Watch Zoella and Joe/ Miranda and Joey take on this challenge.

3. Prank Call Challenge- Watch Jennxpenn and her group of friends- Arden, Lauren and Andrea take on this challenge.

2. Ice Bucket Challenge- Watch every youtuber take on this challenge.

1. Whisper Challenge- Watch Joe Sugg and a bunch of people including Zalfie (he started this challenge)/ Grace Helbig and Chester-see/ Tyler and Miranda take on this challenge.


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