10. The Other Woman- The wife of a big-shot guy finds out he is cheating on her with another lady. She goes on to join up with that lady to get the ultimate revenge on her husband and what follows is a series of hilarious events.

9. Men Women And Children- This movie is about a group of high school kids and the influence that the internet has on them. It is a really different movie and has its cute as well as emotional moments.

8. The Conjuring- This horror movie is about a haunted house. But trust me it is scarier than your typical haunted house stories.

7. Despicable Me- This animated movie surpasses all levels of cuteness to reach a level of cuteness so high, it made me hysterical.

6.It’s Kind Of A Funny Story- Based on a novel, the story revolves around a young boy who realises he is depressed and enters himself into a facility.

5. Mockingjay- Probably the most intense movie I watched this year. Amazing actors and an amazing story. What could possibly go wrong?

4. Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close- A young ‘problem child’ deals with his father’s death in his own unique way and embarks on a painful journey to find answers. It made me cry.

3. Queen- This Hindi movie is about a young girl living in Delhi whose fiance decides against the marriage. This naive girl then decides to go on her honeymoon alone only out of spite. What her spite leads to is simply amazing.

2. The Fault In Out Stars- Amazing story, beautiful actors, a bunch of ‘aaw’ moments and a whole lot of tears. Is there anything better?

1. Highway- A young girl falls victim to a spontaneous kidnapping and thus goes on a journey of self-realisation. This movie is painfully good.


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