10. Fabric Book Covers- Get an old piece of fabric and wrap it around a notebook to make it interesting.

9. Bookmarks- Get your construction paper, scissors and glue and get started on some quirky bookmarks.

8. Painted Feathers- Fake feathers, acrylic paints and your creativity is all you need.

7. Leaf Tree- Paint a broad leaf and place it on plain paper.

6.Polaroid Wall Art- All you need is thread and a bunch of nice photos.

5. Tie-Dye T-Shirt- Got a plain white t-shirt? Make it pretty in a few simple steps.

4. Painted Shoes- Make a pair of white canvas shoes bright and beautifu

3.  Shade Card Calendar- Ring in the new year with a colourful diy calendar.

2. Knotted Crop Top- This is really simple too. Use a plain old tank top and jazz it up.

1. Melted Wax Crayons- This is really easy as the melting can be done using a hair-dryer and in the end, it looks really pretty.


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