10. Bethany Mota- . {Her zany energy, fashion, beauty and DIY’s.}

9. TheViralFeverVideos- . {Their crazy sense of humour and recent fictional series (Permanent Roommates)}

8. Miranda Sings- . {Her utter weirdness and vocal skills}

7. Grace Helbig- . {Her awkwardness and odd sense of humour}

6. Kanan Gill- . { HisPretentious Movie Reviews}

5. Vlogbrothers- . {Their way of making general knowledge fun, their good causes and also their extrememly fast way of talking}

4. All India Bakchod- . {Their sarcastic take on everything Indian}

3. MyHarto- . {Her Drunk Kitchens and her crazy puns}

2. nigahiga- . {His crazy jokes, His ADHD and his amazing friends}

1. IISuperwomanII- . {Her ‘types of’ videos, her parents and her general awesomeness}


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