I am currently reading Looking For Alaska by John Green. In the book, there is a mention of Buddhism and how Buddhists believe that everything is one, that we cannot tell a tree from a forest. That got me thinking about the oneness of it all. And I’m not talking about the oneness of humans because I’m not sure humans are one. No. I’m talking about everything but us humans. And that got me thinking about rainbows. How a rainbow started off as a ray of white light. How that white light split into 7 different colours. And yet in the rare moments when you see a rainbow, you don’t really see all the colours. You see maybe purple, blue, yellow and red. You don’t see violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. No. They are all somehow merged. You see the colours in some sort of flow. You can’t see where violet ends and indigo starts. You see it as a continuous flow of colours. You see it as one long semi-circular rainbow. You don’t see the colours, you see the rainbow. You don’t see the paint, you see the painting. You don’t see pages, you see the book. You don’t see the threads, you see the cloth.  You see one. And that one is made of many. And each many is made up of many. And yet they all come together to form just one. Just one whole.


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