IMPORTANT NOTE: If you haven’t read the Harry Potter books and you wish to read them and therefore do not want to know the suspense, do not read this. Treat this note as a spoiler alert!!

Harry, you brave brave man,

Friend of the Weasley clan,

Best buddy of dearest Ron

Who can very well move the King and the Pawn,

But without Hermione you’ll would be dimwits,

Oh you biggest bunch of misfits!

Fred and George gave you several laughs

With their skiving snackboxes and pygmy puffs.

Your Godfather Sirius proved too good for his misdeeds,

And he was the reason you could go to Hogsmeade.

Lupin was your father’s werewolf friend

And Wormtail’s betrayal led to Lily and James’ end.

Snape, you father’s childhood enemy,

Turned out to be your protector because of his love for Lily.

And let’s not forget Draco- the Malfoy boy, white-haired,

Who was, in the end, the one who was scared .

You freed Dobby, the elf with tennis ball eyes,

Who sadly, in a wonderful place with friends, dies.

And now let us come to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Who in the beginning and the end tried to kill you but failed.

He was the source of all your troubles

But you killed him in the Hogwarts rubbles.

So in the end you married lovely little Ginny,

And the same fate too for Ron and Hermione,

George lost dear Fred and so did we

God bless that fun-loving Weasley.

And me, dear Harry, I went away

When I was killed by Snape, all for your protection, I daresay.

Oh another thing, Harry, I almost forgot,

A tiny detail of an important sort.

Your story will be read by millions of persons

And they will be called the Harry Potter Generations.


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