Artists always look for inspiration, don’t they? The worst situation for an artist is when they have no inspiration, when they don’t know what to put on paper. So what’s inspiration? Does it have to be a life changing speech or a killer disease that you survived or a really brave person? I don’t think so.

Inspiration can be and, according to me, most often are, the little things. Tiny unexpected things can bring in you a rush of excitement and ideas and love and passion. It could be anything from a great piece of music, to a tfios gif. My god it could be absolutely anything! Do you realize that means that your inspiration could be staring you in the face right now. Grab it! Because it is the best feeling ever. You become light and beautiful and the world seems great. All your fears are lost and you are crying because God you want this moment to last so bad! You are beautiful and great and majestic and every positive word in the dictionary. You are holding on to this moment with your life. In this moment your life is yours one hundred percent. In this moment the world is yours. In this moment you are living with every part of your body, breathing every bit of air. You are shivering because it’s driving you crazy, this moment. It is amazing. It is yours. All yours.


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