Human beings are not made of steel.
The apparently strong people? They have feelings too. No one is invincible. No one.
Humans are made of flesh and blood and bones. It’s a complicated, complex, sensitive system. We hurt, we cry, we heal, we move on. If you prick a finger, it will bleed. If you fall, you will get bruises. Why is that wrong? Why is it so necessary to be tough, to be strong, to keep your emotions in check? We are humans. We get to cry. We get to hurt, be in pain. It’s a big bad world and all that, right? So what? Why do people always push you to not be emotional, to not be sensitive? The strong people. Why are they strong? Because they don’t cry? They keep their feelings to themselves. Does that mean we should bottle our emotions and cry ourselves to sleep instead of being open about things? Crying is not wrong. It is the most natural, the most genuine thing in the world. People hurt you sometimes. Sometimes you get affected. It is one of those most basic human characteristics like embarassement. It just happens. It is not right, not wrong. Be sensitive. Be vulnerable sometimes. Cry your eyes out. Scream and shout if that’s what will make you feel better. Because just because a person isn’t screaming on the outside, does not mean he isn’t screaming on the inside.


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