Harry Potter.
Is there anyone in the world who does not know this name?
Harry Potter is, in my opinion, the best series to ever be written. It is a legend. And it will always be one. For me, it is the best experience ever. Harry Potter has given me a world of happiness, joy, tears and absolute pleasure. It is more than a story. Ask any Potterhead and I’m sure they will agree that Harry Potter is a life. The books are not just paper and print but they are mind and soul and feelings. These books are too good to be compared with any others. Whether you are six or twenty six or eighty six, it does not matter. There is no age to read Harry Potter, to obsess over it and to fall in love with it.
Sometimes I really wonder how it must be to be J.K Rowling. How it must be to know that a story that you’ve written with your own two hands has affected people all over the world in such great measure. Can you imagine the feeling? She gave birth to something that will never be forgotten.
I cannot explain in words what I feel about these books, about this story. It is just impossible. But I will say this:
J.K Rowling, you gave me a forever within the numbered pages of Harry Potter and for that I am eternally grateful.


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