“ Beatrice, your results were inconclusive.People who get this kind of result are…are called Divergent.”

Divergent is a story set in a different world. It is the end of the world as we know it. It is a world divided based on various human qualities. And among all of these factions, is Beatrice. Beatrice struggles within her own faction. and as the story progresses, we understand why.

But the story is not only about Beatrice. It is about so much more. It is about choices, about control, about fears, about being different, about struggling, about surviving. It is about a lot. The book swallowed me whole. When I was reading it, I was in it. I was there, seeing everything, hearing everything. A silent spectator. Its the kind of book you wouldn’t want to put down. It consumes you. It is amusing how the writing is simple, no huge words or anything of the sort but absolutely amazing all the same. It is the story that is the hero, not the writing.

The main character, Beatrice, is undecided, unsure. She makes decisions quietly but her decisions drive the story. Some parts of the book actually hurt me. Imagining those situations can be a little painful but isn’t that the point of books? To make you live the story and experience every emotion in it?  

More than anything I love the idea of the factions. The names of the factions are just as amusing as the entire book itself. Selflessness, Honesty, Courage, Kindness and Knowledgability are all qualities that we all have somewhere in us. But in the story, the qualities that make a person, are divided. You have to choose just one quality and stick to it.

The book is amazing. It is gripping in every sense. It makes you wonder, it makes you think, it makes you feel. It shows the characters struggle with their own choices, showing that not all choices have to be perfect. Sometimes the choices we make, help us, sometimes they don’t and sometimes, they just exist with us. Not good not bad. Not right not wrong. But the grey area in between, which is divergence.



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