So i recently read a piece on bullying. A certain line in the article got me thinking about something and thats what led to this blog post. The above mentioned line is :

‘Bullies pick on perceived difference

Its true, isn’t it? In movies, it’s always the ‘dorks’ or the ‘geeks’ who get bullied. People of different nationalities than their peers get bullied, the new kid gets bullied, the guy who doesn’t play sports gets bullied, the ‘poor kid’ gets bullied, the girl who doesn’t get male attention gets bullied. Or if not any of these, it’s the quiet kid who gets bullied.Why? Because they are different.

We all have issues accepting people who are different. When someone has a different opinion than yours, you somewhere feel that they are wrong and you are right. I’m right and you are wrong because you don’t think like me.

I honestly don’t know much about bullying, except for the fact that it happens. But from what I’ve heard or seen, i feel that most people see difference as wrong. If you are not the same as everyone else, if you don’t think like everyone else, you are wrong. If you look different, if you have a different accent, if your interests are different, if your thinking is different, you are wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

I believe bullying gives this message loud and clear :

Be like everyone else, being different is wrong.




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