‘Lonely’ she wrote everywhere

Tried so hard not to care.

It’s been enough of crying

But laughing would be lying.

She looked in the mirror and saw

A ghost behind her, a foe.

A dark, eerie, hooded figure.

What in her would it trigger?

Anger, sadness or pain?

Or a green mist of jealousy in her brain?

What was its purpose here?

Did it arrive to change the atmosphere?

She looked harder into the mirror

And was shocked to know it was her!

Beneath the black hood

It was her negativity that stood.

It smiled at her wickedly,

Sucking the happiness out of her quickly.

She tried to stop it but in vain,

She saw no sunlight through the rain.

It was almost over when,

She smiled  through tears again.

And just like that it was gone,

Lost, ashamed and forlorn.

She cried her heart out then,

Knowing tomorrow she would begin again.



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