It all started with Adam and Eve. The minute they plucked that forbidden fruit, everything changed. Its all because of the apple! That apple caused them misery and pain and suffering. And nothing was ever the same..

But the apple didn’t stop there! Oh no! It made its way into our lives through the land of fairytales. Remember our dear old Snow White who took the apple from the witch and almost died? Just a fruit, she must have thought. Who would have known that the apple was poisoned?

In greek mythology, Atlanta, the huntress, told her father that she would only marry the man who would defeat her in a race. She was a very fast runner and was sure that there was no one who would be able to defeat her. But one of her suitors, Hippomenes, distracted her by keeping golden apples in her path during the race. Poor Atlanta stopped in her path to retrieve the golden apples and was defeated by Hippomenes.

I was watching ‘Oz The Great And The Powerful’ today and in it, poor Theodora becomes an evil witch, thanks to a poisoned apple. All of her goodness is lost after taking a bite from that godforsaken apple and she becomes a terror, seeking revenge from her betrayer.

So, dear readers, today I ask you a simple question. What is it really, with fairytales and apples?


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