The Fault In Our Stars- Book Review

Let me start by saying this- I never cry while reading books. Never. The Fault In Our Stars proved that there’s always a first time.

It is a cancer book. No doubt. But it’s not just a Cancer Book. It is so much more. I’m not going to reveal anything. So if you want a summary of the story, you aren’t going to get it here. For me, the book was a surprise. And I think it would be great if it is a surprise to others as well. So although I’m dying to use some quotes and references from the book, I won’t.

First of- I love the cover! It’s bright and that’s the way I like it. Coming to the story itself, it’s different. Actually the writing is different. It isn’t like anything I’ve read before. There were references that I didn’t get. But I could ignore that. The characters are great, the conversations between the main characters is funny and the ease of joking about the sad things makes it all the more fun. At the same time, I don’t know if everybody is going to like it. As I said, it is a different book. The story may appeal to all but the writing may not suit everyone. I’m comfortable with not getting some references and running to the dictionary for the meaning of some words but not everyone is. But then you can’t blame the author for using good English.

I really loved the book and it is definitely one of my favorites. It was fresh and exciting to the extent that I did not want to finish it. While reading most books I am overcome with curiosity and all I want to do is get to the end of it. But for the first time, I didn’t want to finish the book. I wanted to go on and on.

I, dear readers, could most definitely take two to three days more of The Fault In Our Stars. 


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