The sky was roaring with thunder, flashes of lightning, the beautiful flames of heaven were now a medium for Zeuss to express his anger. The rain was harsh, cold, merciless, unforgiving. There was an anger but deep down, it was just sadness, a terrible sorrow.

She drove in that crazy storm. Her eyes were blind with tears but she could not hear her sobs over the noise of the world. She could hardly see anything but she drove anyway. She didn’t know where she was going but she knew it was away. Away from everything she had ever known.

How she longed to go back! She wanted more than anything to turn her car around and go back but that would not turn her life around. She couldn’t. She didn’t have it in her go back. So she was running away.

And as she drove, her tears flowed with the rain, her sobs sounded with the thunder, the anger in her flashed with the lightning. So she drove on with the tiny assurance that at least someone understood her. 


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