DISCLAIMER: This post is purely a work full of sarcastic humour. No comments made in this post are meant to hurt anyone’s feelings or crush anyone’s soul. If anyone can relate to any of the given categories, it is their problem and no one else’s. ENJOY!

 Top ten ways people pose for photos :

  1. THE POUT- Yup! This one ranks first! How could it not, after all! Fondly known as ‘the duck-face’, the pout has (in my not-so-expert opinion) become THE most common pose for photos! If you see a flash, you see a pout!
  2. THE BEND-OVER- For some weird unknown reason people also pose bending forward! Like they have a hunch in their back or something! More than half of the time, they’re bending and pouting! Wow! Imagine that!
  3. THE ‘HAIR IN MY FACE’-Yes I know its actually ‘wind in my hair’ but seriously, that’s way too mainstream for a few people! Few strands of hair waving across my face? No way!! The whole nest of hair covering my face? Oh yes!
  4. THE BUBBLE FACE-Suck in some air and or behave like someone stuffed a balloon in your mouth and you’ll get this one spot on! Bonus points if actually look cute doing it!
  5. THE REFLECTION- A girl can’t just stand in front of a mirror! That’s unthinkable!! No… if a girl is dressed up and in front of a mirror, it means she has to click a photo (or ten)! That’s like the law of reflection (get it?)!
  6. THE FAKE GEEK-Okay so we all know that a geek is cool right? So even the non-geeks gotta look like geeks! I mean you have to be cool don’t you? So get some glasses, a book (that you’ve probably never read) and you better be sitting on a desk, my friend!
  7. THE COVER GIRL-You are not a model? That’s not the point! You pose like one anyway!*
  8. THE PEEKING TONGUE- We all stick our tongues out for the camera sometimes but we end up looking pretty funny!! However, there are those horrible people who actually look good doing this!! Why? They just let their tongue slip out like they’ve done it by mistake! We on the other hand just make it look whacky!
  9. THE FAKE EATER-These people make a simple thing like eating fake! Most probably they’ll be eating something really nice looking and they’ll be biting into it and looking pretty at the same time! And you know what? These are the same horrible people who do the peeking tongue!
  10. THE SHOW-OFF-If you have an expensive camera or mobile phone or dog or laptop or all of the above, you have to show it off to the world! If you are not doing this, you are totally wasting your life, amigo!!  

*for more guidance on ‘the cover-girl’, refer to ‘a-few-famous-magazines-that-I-cannot-name’.

P.S. Research for this post involved checking out a lot of profiles on various social networking websites. Unfortunately names of the websites or the people cannot be disclosed as that would be considered as a violent act. Thank you. 



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