She stood there and stared at the masterpiece

A thing of beauty, they had said

It will make you wonder, they had said

You may cry, they had said

‘It will bring you peace, a sense of tranquility.’

So she stood there and she stared real hard

Waiting for those feelings to come

To make her forget everything else

And just be lost in the ‘beauty’.

For a long time she looked

But she did not feel anything

Not the peace, not the tranquility

Nothing at all.

It was a pretty painting, for sure

But it was not life changing

It was not a turning point

It was not even the four-leafed-clover type.

So what was it?

It was not a masterpiece

It was a lovely thing

Something that someone may have created

With a simple idea in mind

And then people made it a big deal

And made it worth a million dollars

But it was worth something else

Something closer home

A smile.


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