Hey people!! so..I had written something down for the Wednesday post. but then I decided that it was too boring. So here is the new Wednesday post!! I hope you smile a big chocolaty smile after reading this!! Enjoy!! 😀

Chocolate barsMilk chocolate, dark chocolate, bitter-sweet chocolate, white chocolate,  unsweetened chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, liquor chocolates, mint chocolates, chocolate covered nuts!!!  We pop them into our mouth whenever we feel like. They are someone’s happiness and someone’s comfort but whatever they are, they sure do taste amazing!

Chocolate pastries- Small pieces but so amazing! Moist and spongy chocolate cake topped with beautiful thick chocolate icing! Try heating it for just thirty seconds in a microwave and its just pure bliss. The cake becomes even softer and the icing melts and becomes steaming hot and absolutely delicious!

Chocolate brownie– Okay, do not tell me that you don’t do a tiny dance in your head when that beautiful  plate of sticky, gooey brownie with a dollop of pure white vanilla ice cream is placed in front of you. To top it all of (literally), steaming hot chocolate sauce is poured on it and its like the plate comes to life as it crackles and bubbles!!! Oohhh!!!!

Chocolate ice cream- Chocolate fudge brownie, plain chocolate, malted chocolate, Madagascar fine chocolate, Bavarian chocolate, chocolate chip, choco almond,  chocolate nougat, chocolate peppermint, white chocolate brownie!!! Waffle cones, chocolate dipped cones, rainbow sprinkle cones!! Whether it’s a hot summer day, a windy rainy day or a freezing cold day, we’re always up for some chocolate ice cream, aren’t we?

Chocolate cookies-  Chocolate chip, chocolate chip cheesecake, choco nut, oreo cookies, espresso chocolate chip shortbread, crunchy chocolate fudge, molten chocolate, dark chocolate chip!! Hot out of the oven or stored for days, these beauties never fail to impress.


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