She was sucking her right thumb and holding on to the end of her mother’s dress with her free hand. Because that’s what she was supposed to do. So for being a good girl, her mother bought her an ice cream cone. Her mother held out the cone to her and for a moment the little girl considered letting go of her mother’s dress but then she decided that the ice cream tasted better than her thumb. Her mother decided that the little girl deserved more. So she bought her a balloon. A Big Red Balloon. All bright and shiny and new.  Gleefully, the little girl let go of her mother’s dress and caught hold of the thread of the Big Red Balloon. She imagined herself flying with the Big Red Balloon in her left hand and the ice cream in her right hand. She jumped a little to kick start her flight but to her enormous disappointment she was back on her feet in a matter of seconds. But she wanted something to fly to prove to her that flight was possible. What would it be? The ice cream or the Big Red Balloon? Just then a strong wind blew and she almost lost the Big Red Balloon. However, she noticed that the ice cream did not budge. So it was that she made her decision and let go of the Big Red Balloon. She watched it go up and up and up and she smiled. But then it went out of sight. That was when she took a lick of her ice cream and cried.  


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