We hope..all the time..everyday. We hope for the best.  We hope that our dreams come true, we hope for something good to happen. We are always hoping  for things to happen. Good things, bad things or just plain impossible things. It doesn’t matter, we’ll still hope for it. People always say that we should live in the today and not think about our future. But that does not change how we think, does it? Everything we do today-good or bad, will affect our future in some way right? Studying well today, a good college tomorrow; saving up today, a safe tomorrow; having fun today, thinking about it tomorrow; making decisions today, regretting them tomorrow and so on. Admit it, we are not living for today. We are living for tomorrow. We are living in the hopes of tomorrow. If today was a bad day, we hope that tomorrow will be better. Its always about tomorrow. We wait for tomorrow, a brand new day, with new surprises and something different. Now why is that wrong?  Why can’t we think about tomorrow? Its not necessary that what we hope and wish for comes true, but that’s okay. I have dreams. Dreams that I don’t even know if I can achieve. But I still hope. Nothing stops me from hoping. Absolutely nothing. We have nothing if not hope…


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