She loved it. The stage, the lights, the crowds. It meant something to her. For her it was more than a profession. It was more than work. It was her passion. It was everything for her. She was never nervous about dancing in front of large audiences. Instead, she longed for it. She longed for cheers and standing ovations, claps and smiles on people’s faces. Performing came to her naturally, like she was born to do it. She stood backstage, waiting impatiently for her turn. The eagerness in her eyes was like a child’s. She had worked hard for this. Weeks and weeks of non- stop practice. She had injured herself too. But that didn’t matter to her at all. Injuries happen and they go. They didn’t affect her dance. She didn’t let them. She peeped out and saw the crowds. They were going crazy. They were enjoying it. She hoped she would be able to entertain them that way. It was tough to entertain a crowd. The dance had to enthrall them or it would be of no use. So the choreography had to be perfect and difficult. It had to be unusual, something that they had never seen before. Many people thought dancing was easy but they were wrong. It was very far from easy. Dancers made difficult things look easy. They made complicated steps look graceful. She would have to do that. That would make them clap. That would make them happy. She threw back her head and smiled brightly. ‘This is going to be fun’ she thought as she walked onto the stage.


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