I stare at the computer screen, trying to frame a sentence. Trying to put my thoughts into words. I have the basic idea in my mind but for some reason, I can’t frame it. Its all a big mess in my head and I’m trying to clear it. I’m trying to organize. I’m trying to work it all out. But its just not happening. I’ve written a total of four sentences and after my last full stop, the cursor blinks impatiently as if it is urging me to type. Now I’m stressing out! I need to finish this. There’s a lot to do. There’s a lot to do and very less time to do it. But isn’t it always like that? There’s always less time. There’s always a deadline. A limit. And we always try to cross the limit. We try to adjust…

Oh god! I’m losing my concentration. Focus. Focus. Focus on the task at hand. Make it work. Make it happen. But how? Ugh! Okay..don’t get frustrated. Nothing comes easy. There’s always a challenge. There is always an obstruction. Like an obstacle course. I had done that once. Man it was amazing! You cross one obstacle and another is right in front of you. But the feeling you get when you finally finish it! Its totally worth it! Wait….what was this article about again..?


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