All of us have a story. A story of our lives. I like to believe that all of our stories are written in a big fat prophecy (very Harry Potter, you know). In the prophecy, its all probably very organized.  But for  us, our stories are untitled. Although our stories  are about us, we have no idea what is  going to happen next. We try to write our own story. We make future plans, we expect things to happen. But how many times do plans work? How many times do things happen the way you want them to? Hardly ever , right?

We try to fight it but the fact is that our stories are untitled. A story is titled after it is complete. Just like that, I guess our stories are given a title after we die. I hope we can title our own stories after death, when we cross over to the ‘other world’.

I wonder how it would be to read my own story after I die…


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