If you are having a bad day, I hope this makes you feel better! And if it doesn’t make your day any better…..hey!! Its my first attempt! Cut me some slack!

Here are a few ways to make yourself happy!

Wear a mask

Take up task

Bake a cake

C’mon smile for your sake!

Dance around

Think of what you had lost and have now found

Watch a movie

Drink a smoothie

Study, you slow poke!

Naah that’s  just a joke!

Give back something that you took

Read a Dr. Seuss book

Meet a friend

Start a trend

Wake up early

Don’t be so surly

Listen to a song

Don’t do anything wrong!

Watch a funny video

Turn on your radio

Try smiling

Trust me, your day will be AMAZING! =)

                                                                                  -Arundhati  Ail….(Obvious Rhymes)!!


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