I was in a bad mood. And by bad mood I mean I wanted to throw things around and yell. But I’m all for self control and non-violence. So what did I do? I swallowed my anger. I wanted to feel better so I started drawing. I locked myself in a room, played some songs on Youtube and began sketching. I was totally into it but my mood was just slightly better. I kept making mistakes so I was erasing a lot. I was focusing and I was on the verge of going to that ‘other place’. And then I heard it. First there was thunder and after a while, heavy rain. A few stray drops came in through the window and hit my face, totally blowing away my focus. But the distraction from art didn’t agitate me like it normally does. I smiled, went to the balcony and stuck my hand out. Cold drops of water fell on my outstretched hand. I stood like that for quite some time. I didn’t wish to get totally drenched, I didn’t wish to dance in the rain. In that moment, I was satisfied with just getting my hand wet. That’s all I needed. After a while, I went back in, completed my sketch, gave it a title and signed the paper, a happy girl. 


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