Apparently, we’re all supposed to be united. Apparently love is the common factor that binds us all together. You know what I think binds us all together? Fear. All of us may not love, all of us may not have friends but all of us are scared. All of us are scared. It could be absolutely anything. We could be scared of heights, darkness, ghosts, killers, loneliness, we may be scared of losing people or we may be scared of people in general. Whatever it is, we’re all scared. Some of us find safety in crowds while some of us find safety in being alone, locked up in a room. We’re all different. Every one of us is different. but I’m pretty sure there is no one in this world who is not scared of anything.  Fear..the one thing that binds us all together…and we hide it. We all try to hide our fears. We try to keep our fears secret and guard that secret with our lives. I do too. Okay, I don’t guard it with my life but I try my best not to let it out..and I’m sure you do that too. See, fear brought out that similarity between us. We try to hide our  fears. All of us. Even me. 


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